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About P12

Plataforma 12 is an art center dedicated to designing, producing, promoting and implementing cultural and artistic activities in general, and contemporary scenic arts activities in particular.

It develops these tasks on the 12th floor of the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires tower building, located in downtown's heart of Mar del Plata city. This classicist style building, historical and cultural heritage, is the first tower building in the city and the first height architectural work designed by the Banco Provincia (1948-1954). The artists that compose it, carry out a work destined to the recovery, improvement and restoration of this heritage, also oriented to contemporary scenic art productions presentation in this non-conventional environment. The use of this alternative space for artistic work fostered the emergence of a multidisciplinary laboratory of artistic and scenic experimentation unprecedented in Argentina.

Since its creation in 2012, it has become a place with a strong identity of its own, becoming an unbeatable site for socio-cultural, institutional, educational and artistic events, as well as courses, workshops, seminars and rehearsals. All their activities are free of charge. It receives, promotes and puts into practice constantly artistic or cultural projects proposed by public or private institutions and by the community in general, which have a strong social and inclusive imprint, or a solidary purpose.

Plataforma 12 is a project conceived, produced and coordinated by the Compañía Duomo, a multidisciplinary argentinian artists group. With more than 20 years of experience, this troupe has been declared of Municipal, Tourist and Cultural Interest, and of Provincial Interest.




Its objective is to provide to the community in general: Information, training and scenic experience.
"The movement, the interpreter and the voice - Improvisation. Debate and critical thinking - Conformation of a multidisciplinary creative research group".
The workshop is aimed at both professionals and students of any kind of artistic discipline, as well at anyone interested, with or without previous experience, over 18 years old. It has a maximum capacity of 120 participants divided into 4 groups of 30 individuals.
The call is made between April and June of each year through the social networks of Plataforma 12. The duration of the PCE is 5 months. The program is free of charge.



Its purpose is to host artistic projects in general, and of the scenic arts in particular, of local, national and international origin.
It is oriented to Argentine or foreign artists, over 18 years old and with different trajectories, who have de desire to investigate and experiment.
There are no pre-established forms of residence, although they will have priority over the others, those proposals that, in any of their phases of creation have the body as a central reference.
The call is made between July and August of each year through the social networks of Plataforma 12. The residences have a minimum period of four days and a maximum of ninety during the last quarter of each year. The program is free of charge.



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